Owners Bob & Gregg Smith | Photo by Dana P. Bouton, Outlook Newspapers

Owners Bob & Gregg Smith | Photo by Dana P. Bouton, Outlook Newspapers

Innovative and Iconic Meet at Parkway Grill 

Long before Pasadena became the dining destination it is today, the Parkway Grill was at the forefront of bringing trendsetting cuisine to the Rose City. Almost 35 years ago, the Parkway Grill ushered in culinary techniques and innovation that are now the mainstay of fine-dining as we know it.

All these years later, the Parkway Grill remains a Pasadena icon that continues to rethink the restaurant kitchen and bring creativity to the table. The restaurant began with a seasonal and diverse menu that introduced Pasadena to the newly coined “California Cuisine” that Parkway Grill helped define. Parkway soon became renowned for bringing French, Italian, and California style dishes to the menu. Parkway’s wood-fired oven was the first in San Gabriel Valley, and the exhibition kitchen was in place long before it became a fixture in any high-end restaurant.

However, far from resting on its laurels, the restaurant continues to keep up with the cutting edge. Under the seasoned watch of owners Bob and Gregg Smith, the Parkway Grill has continued to invent and reinvent itself while being careful to hold true to its roots—the traditions that so many know and love. The Parkway still serves desserts made in-house by the restaurant’s very own Pastry Chef, including longtime favorites like the Crème Brûlée Napoleon, alongside new novelties like homemade ice cream just introduced this year, in unique and exotic flavors

The Parkway Grill reminds us that new isn’t always better when “new” is just getting around to doing what has been perfected over the years. It’s hard to find a menu these days that doesn’t mention local ingredients or farm-to-table practices—and for good reason, fresh means flavor and local is an impressive claim. But long before it was all the rage, and certainly before organic became a buzzword, Parkway’s Gourmet Organic Garden has been growing and harvesting for 25+ years on an idyllic plot of land behind the restaurant. Herbs and produce, berries, and even tropical passion fruit are soaking up the Pasadena sun before gracing a table or cocktail at the Parkway Grill.

If it’s been a while since you dined at the Parkway Grill, we encourage you see what’s new—and old—at this local favorite. After all, if you enjoy great food, you will love Parkway. And if you enjoy great food in Pasadena, you owe a nod to the Parkway Grill.